Infomercial + Viral Video = VIROMERCIAL.

We've taken all of the selling power of the late night infomercial and crammed it into a funny and highly shareable 3 minute video that replicates itself like crazy on social media. Likeable, clickable, and highly trackable, a viromercial is a great way to entertain, show off your product and take it straight to the people who want it most. 

This VIROMERCIAL Helped HOMIE* explain their disruptive service in a fun and entertaining way. Reaching almost a million people in a state with just 2 million people in just a few weeks. 



Do you need a VIROMERCIAL?

A VIROMERCIAL isn't right for everybody, but everybody likes a good viromercial. If you have an innovative product, that needs a little help explaining it, and a lot of help reaching new customers, a viromercial might be right for you.  To have a successful VIROMERCIAL you need 4 things. We call them the 4 D's. 


The best candidates for a viromercial are products that do something different, that challenge the status quo. People have been doing it wrong for thousands of years and you've got the solution. 

02. Demonstrable

You can't just tell them you are different, you've got to show them. Adjectives are only worth the paper they are printed on. Don't show us the money, show off what makes you incredible. 

03. Deliverable

You might have a lot of amazing products, but a viromercial works best with a laser-like focus on one single product and a clear channel on where a guy like me can pick one up (hint: it's the internet). 

04. DISTRibution

No matter how crazy, amazing, funny or daring your VIROMERCIAL won't get beyond your friends and family without the right distribution network. Behind every viral hit is a team of actuarials and influencers getting it in front of the right eyeballs. 

Sure you wish you could be on a tropical island right now, but you can’t. Sales are drooping and nobody seems to care as much as you do about how wonderful and amazing your product and/or company is/are.
— -some guy who wishes he was on an island too.

It works while you sleep.

The VIROMERCIAL never sleeps, never takes sick days and doesn't want to talk about the latest episode of the Bachelor. It just works and works and works. It's even working when it goes on Facebook, especially when it's on Facebook, unlike Janiece, you're fired Janiece.  Even better, it multiplies. It gets shared from friend to friend until everyone knows about it and is talking about it, and they have to check out what all of the hubbub is about. Well Bub, that hubub is about you. 

A well done viromercial is built for a custom audience, and more importantly it's built for everyone that they know. Long after the viromercial is finished it's still putting on its boots and going back to the Facebook farm to grow leads, and bring home the bacon, unless you want cash for your product, then he's bringing home cash. 

Without a plan, there is no attack, without attack, there can be no victory.
— -Ack Ack Raymond "One Crazy Summer"
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Where did the Viromercial come from? 

We didn't invent the VIROMERCIAL but we gave it a name. Check out the work of amazing viromercial creators like The Harmon Brothers, Sandwich Media and Jamestown films

Distribution and Performance

HOMIE independently contracted with Good Omen to handle the distribution and performance of their video converting video views into customers. See the original video on Facebook here. 

*Production Services


Jamestown Films hired Damian Dayton of Good Omen to write the embedded video for HOMIE. Jamestown Films has delivered high-end production for some of the leaders in the viromercial world. Check out more  Jamestown here.